10 May, 2021

New Products Launch

With the UK reopening and life getting back to normal, we are incredibly excited to share with you the new products we’ve been working on during the lockdown of the last 12 months.

Element Survey Tool

Element Survey Tool is a powerful new system that lets you create, complete, and manage your surveys, checklists, inspections, and assessments in one easy to use web and Android mobile app.

The easy-to-use template wizard will enable you to transform your existing paper forms into digital templates.

Learn more about Element Survey Tool and the value it can add to your business at elementsurveytool.co.uk



Saphire’s modern appointment Dashboard is a step-up from other appointment management software. It gives you total control of your business’s engineer appointment schedules in real-time, letting you respond to customers more quickly than ever before.

It collates data from completed appointments, creating a suite of real-time stats that give you a unique insight into your business’s performance.

With Dashboard, you get:

  • The ability to access your data anywhere via the cloud
  • The ability to view appointments at a glance
  • A simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Access to real-time stats
  • Performance monitoring

Site Engineer

Site Engineer is a brand new mobile app that replaces IBMS:Mobile. It lets your engineers interact with their workflow more easily than ever before, closing the gap between your staff on the road and your staff in the office.

Features include:

  • Full integration with your existing IBMS system
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, interface
  • Designed to run on both Android mobiles and tablets
  • Service schedule integration (e.g.: SFG20, HVCA, PAS, etc.)]
  • Engineer access to full site details, site contacts, maintenance planners and site documentation
  • Engineer dashboard
  • Full integration with Element Survey Tool document templates

To give your business an edge with Saphire’s powerful new products, or just learn more about them, please contact us on 02392 512 090, or visit us at our website: saphiresolutions.co.uk/