17 January, 2024

Your updated job management software

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates about Atom, your go-to mobile companion. In this latest release, Atom not only comes with a fresh look and feel but also introduces several enhancements that elevate your user experience. Let’s dive into the key highlights of this update:

1. Advanced Android Integration:

We’ve raised the bar by updating the preferred Android API Level to 33. This ensures that Atom is optimised for the latest Android functionalities, providing you with a smoother and more efficient performance on your devices.

2. Stylish Form Revamp:

Say hello to a visually enhanced experience! We’ve re-styled all forms within Atom, embracing a new look and feel that aligns seamlessly with our modern design standards. Enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface as you navigate through the app.

3. Introducing “Log Callout” Functionality:

Atom now boasts a powerful new feature – the “Log Callout” functionality. This addition enhances your ability to log and track important information, streamlining your workflow and ensuring that you have a comprehensive record of your activities within the app.

How to Update

For our existing users, updating to this feature-rich version of Atom is simple:

1. Open the Site Engineer app on your mobile device.

2. Navigate to the main menu and select “About.”

3. Tap on “Check for updates.”

Follow the prompts, and you’ll seamlessly transition to the enhanced Atom experience with these fantastic new features.

Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Atom by heading over to the Google PlayStore using the following link: Atom on Google PlayStore. Hit that download button, and let the next level of Site Engineer magic unfold on your device.

Installation, Setup, and Overview Video:
To assist you in getting started with Atom, we’ve prepared a comprehensive video guide. Watch the installation, setup, and overview video on our YouTube channel here. This visual walkthrough will ensure you make the most of Atom’s features right from the get-go.