Revolutionising facilities management

Saphire Core is a dynamic suite of administrative and management tools that are guaranteed to optimise your workplace.

Our core software is a multi platform product which means it can be accessed on windows, mobile and web.

Additional modules available include:

Core eDocs

A one-stop auditing platform for the creation of safety audits, assessments, and automated reports

Core Live

Share the power of Core with your remote employees, clients, and contract workers through this web portal, accessed through a standard browser

Core Mobile

Site Engineer is a fully integrated mobile application that runs side by side with Saphire Core allowing for engineers to receive and update jobs whilst out the office

Core OnTime

This timekeeping app lets you monitor and manage your staff throughout the day with a minimum of fuss

To learn more about Core or arrange a demonstration, please get in touch with us on 02392 512 090 or via the contact form on our contact page