18 June, 2020

Cybercrime has risen but bespoke software can offer you protection

One unexpected side-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an incredible rise in cybercrime. According to one researcher, Google detected a 350% increase in the number of phishing sites between January and March.

What is phishing? One of the most common forms of cybercrime around. You receive an email from someone pretending to work for an institution that holds your personal details (for example, Amazon or PayPal) with a request to log on to the service in question. But the link in the email actually takes you to a fake site, built to look identical to the real thing, which only exists to remember your login details. The phisher can then go to the real Amazon or PayPal and access your real account.

Phishing is just one common form of cybercrime – there are many others. And, as more and more people have been working from home during lockdown, cybercriminals have taken the opportunity to ramp up their efforts. That poses a risk for all of us – especially businesses.

One of the biggest risks for business is the possibility that cybercriminals will hack in to your computer systems and access sensitive data. Researchers in the US have found that as many as 60% of small businesses that fall pray to cybercrime will go out of business within six months! And even if they survive, the fallout can cost them millions.

One memorable example of cybercrime affecting an organisation came in 2017, when hackers used a form of ransomware (a program that locks away your files and demands payment in order to regain access) called WannaCry to hobble the NHS. In that case, as in many cases, the weakness that made the NHS susceptible to cyberattack was the software it used. The software was “off the shelf” and out of date.

Your business will be safer if you use specially made software like Saphire Core. The reason is simple: hackers are unfamiliar with it, and it is as secure as possible. And for those of you with unique needs, bespoke software offers the greatest protection possible. Software that has been made just for you is almost uncrackable – there is no precedent for hackers to use, and therefore it cannot be compromised in a traditional fashion.

If lockdown has left you with concerns over your cybersecurity, get in touch with Saphire on 02392 512 090, or at info@saphiresolutions.co.uk and find out how we can help you today.