14 August, 2020

Saphire is proud to present its new Appointment Dashboard

At Saphire, we’re always working to innovate ungraded software solutions for our clients. These solutions can help businesses to become more efficient, more agile, and more resilient – always important, but never more so than in these difficult times. Our new Appointment Dashboard is the latest innovative product to be rolled out – and we’re sure you will be as happy with it as we are.

This product gives you absolute control over your business’s appointment log, leaving no doubt that you are in the driving seat, able to switch directions with the press of a button. This gives you the ability to respond to your customers easier and more quickly than ever before – a vital component of good business in the 2020s.

But the Appointment Dashboard does more than let you view appointments, and alter them in real time. It also gives you access to real-time stats that show the number of appointments on your books that have been scheduled, completed, or are overdue. And it doubles down on this data stream by adding information about your business’s performance across each relevant area.

The Appointment Dashboard is intuitive and (like all our software) was specifically designed with usability in mind. It’s second to none in both form and function, and could be just the innovation your business needs to get ahead. Get in touch with us here for a demonstration – we’re confident you won’t regret it.